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CBXS411 ‘AWAKENINGS REPORT’ is a dossier created by Claire Barrow and Daniel Swan featuring a 50 page B+W artwork zine focusing on extraterrestrial sightings, internet popups, conspiracy theories and clickbait, and 3 glossy art prints from Claire’s most recent painting series in August 2020. These are held in a white stamped and sealed dossier holder. Signed and numbered edition of 100.

Made in London, UK. The zine is staple bound and fasted with a printed strip with meme pencil drawings.

All designs and illustrations are created by Claire Barrow (except if stated otherwise).The themes of this collection are !CLASSIFIED! *

* She loosely uses the term Sports as a way to express her ideas in a wearable, commercial way that casts a satirical eye at the current streetwear trend that brands so often try to align themselves with. She aims to create garments that are accessible to all genders and ages, which are comfortable to wear but also feel individual and uniquely special.

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¥5,500 ($38.50) tax included